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What is Fjellgruppa

We are a sub group of Tromsø Students’ Sports Team. Fjellgruppa translated it means the mountain group. As a member you have the possibility to take part in trips, courses and various social events.

Fjellgruppa is mainly involved in simple and traditional outdoor activities, but we also arrange mountaineering trips, ski trips etc., according to guiding competence within the group at the time. If you join Fjellgruppa on trips you will meet exciting new students from various countries. Furthermore outdoor life is a good way of getting to know others and socialize as well as getting great experiences. 

Every trip is unique!

You are also welcome to come up with suggestions about arranging trips, and if you are particularly eager there is a chance you can become a activity leader or become a part of our board of members. As a member you have a golden opportunity to get on to trip for a reasonable price.  We arrange trips far and away, which for a poor student otherwise would be pretty expensive. Fjellgruppa covers travelling costs, lodging and dinner. Every weekend tip has a mandatory trip meeting, where the payment for the trips will be done.

We also have a storage facility where you can rent various outdoor equipment. We have equitment like winter tents, gas/fuel stoves, maps, gps, avalanche beacons, sleds, crampons, snowshoes, shovels etc. 

We do not have personal gear like skis, clothes, backpacks, sleeping bags etc. just gear that comes in use for a group on a trip. Only members of TSI can rent gear and the prices range from 50 to 300 kr.  

Our storage room is located at KRAFT Sportscenter (framstredet 79) just behind UiT. We are open on mondays from 16.30 to 17.30. You will find us at the TSI office.

To attend our trips you have to be a member of TSI Fjellgruppa and have paid the TSI fee. 
All information will be communicated through a mailing list here. As a rule a mail will be sent out 
to our subscribers at least a week in advance. It is not possible to sign up for a trip before the mail is sent.

Do not hesitate, become a Fjellgruppa member today!

How to become a member?

Becoming a member is very easy. All you have to do is to pay a membership fee to TSI, which is currently 200,- kr per year for students and 400,- kr for non-students. You can join as many sub-groups you want. Fjellgruppa do not have a extra fee for joining as some groups do. 

You can do it by pushing the "Bli Medlem" button on the menu bar above
When you punch in your information you tick of the box that says TSI Fjellgruppa or other groups you like. This is important as we get more money to arrange trips etc. due to more members.

For information about trips etc. join our mailing list at http://mail.fjellgruppa.no


TSI Fjellgruppa board of directors


31  Aug. Sept. ● Buren 802 masl.
30 – 01 Aug. Sept.  ● Hamperokken 1404 masl. tent trip
06 – 08 Sept.  ● Annual Fjellgruppa Kickoff, Grøtfjord
13 – 15 Sept.  ● Tent trip on Ringvassøya
20 – 22 Sept.  ● Activity Leader course, Jægervasshytta
27 – 29 Sept.  ● Lyngen
04 – 06 Oct.  ● Tent trip to Siedi Mountains
11 – 13 Oct.  ● Senja
18 – 20 Oct.  ● Sørøya
25 – 27 Oct.  ● TBA
01 – 03 Nov.   ● Pältsa Mountain 1442 masl., Sweden
09 – 10 Nov.   ●  Fjellgruppa & TULL Christmas Party, Tromsø

27 Aug.  ● Lavvo sauna and swimming, Tromsø 
03 Sept.  ● Bonfire night, Tromsø
10 Sept.  ● Blueberry picking
17 Sept.  ● Tuesday Trails, Trailrunning, Tromsø 
24 Sept.  ● Cave trip, Tromsdalen
01 Oct.  ● Tuesday Trails, Trailrunning, Tromsø
08 Oct.  ● Bonfire night
15 Oct.  ● Tuesday Trails, Trailrunning, Tromsø
22 Oct.  ● Bonfire night
29 Oct.  ● Bonfire night 
05 Nov.  ● TBA

Information about our activities will be published 
through our mailing list and events on facebook. 
Planned events may be subject to change.

It is not possible to book a trip in advance. 
The invitation/events is posted a week before it is scheduled.

Payment/tickets for our trips will be paid for at each trips 

mandatory trip meetings. We do not charge for Tuesday activities.

Please! Do not respond to persons who say they sell tickets. This is just a case of scam.

Please be aware that we are only regular students, 
not professional tour guides. We organize the trip, 
but can not take any responsibility for the participants. 
Everyone is responsible for their own safety. 

We use national standard for grading our trips.

Please read the information about the standard before joing a trips.

Trip Grading PDF


TSI Fjellgruppa

Check our facebook for up to date program.

Read more about the skill levels we set on our trips in the pdf link bellow.


Here is both summer and winter packing list. 

Fjellgruppa do not rent out any gear that is worn/used by one person (private gear)



  • wool, part wool or synthetic underwear 
  • wool socks/stockings
  • wind jacket/anorak or all-weather jacket
  • mountain trousers
  • shirt or light sweater of wool or fleece 
  • boots
  • rucksack

Other useful gear

  • binoculars
  • camera
  • glasses
  • medicines
  • GPS (provided by fjellgruppa on our trips)
  • book(s)
  • candle (provided by fjellgruppa on our trips)
  • sitting pad

For tent/hut camping you also need 

  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad
  • cook set and fuel  (provided by fjellgruppa on our trips)
  • food (fjellgruppa provide dinner on our trips)
  • cup
  • plate and cutlery
  • tent  (provided by fjellgruppa on our trips)
  • Thermos or water bottle

In pack or pockets

  • rain jacket (if your jacket isn't all-weather)
  • rain trousers (if your trousers isn't all-weather)
  • cap/hat
  • scarf/neckband 
  • gloves/mittens
  • sweater/jacket, wool or fleece
  • wool, part wool or synthetic long underwear 
  • T-shirt
  • sleeping bag/sleeping liner
  • first aid kit
  • indoor footwear
  • extra underwear (trousers, shirt, socks)
  • extra indoor trousers (optional)
  • toiletries
  • towel
  • toilet paper
  • suntan cream
  • sunglasses
  • insect repellent 
  • map and compass v
  • map case (provided by fjellgruppa on our trips)
  • knife
  • headlamp/flashlight
  • lunch packet 
  • thermos or water bottle
  • emergency rations 
  • money
  • DNT membership card

In the forests you can get along with less gear and it does not have to have the quality needed  for mountain hiking. The same applies to sheltered areas along  the coast. Spring, summer and autumn can have winter weather in the mountains, so extra warm clothing is essential.

Pack light and don't take too much!


Right clothing and equipment are essential for successful skiing in the Norwegian mountains. 

It does not have to be the latest fashion, but it should protect you against weather and wind. The innermost layer should keep the skin dry and provide insulation. Choose wool garments that fits snugly. The intermediate layer provides insulation and transport moisture away from the body. They may be made of wool or fleece. The outer garments must provide wind and moisture protection. 

The following list is a suggestion of what you should bring on an organized ski tour from cabin to cabin. Pack light and don’t take too much! 

In winter the prefered mode (only way) of transport is what we in Norway call "fjellski", basicly wide cross-country skiis with steel edges. Some prefer a backpack, some pack their gear in a sled.


  • Long underwear (wool)
  • Thick sweater (wool/fleece)
  • Wool socks
  • Long windproof mountain hooded jacket or anorak
  • Mountain ski trousers or wind proof trousers
  • Woollen gloves and windproof mittens
  • Gaiters/leggings
  • Skis (minimum 50 mm wide, with steel edges)
  • Strong mountain ski poles with substantial baskets
  • Sturdy ski boots (leather) size up
  • Ski wax, scraper

Protection against weather

  • Sun glasses and goggles
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Extra pair of gloves/mittens
  • Balaclava/Turtleneck
  • Extra woollen underwear
  • Raingear (if you do not have waterproof mountain clothing) 
  • Thick sweater, fleece jacket or down jacket
  • Skins for skis

Emergency equipment

  • Personal first aid kit
  • Light repair kit
  • Emergency ration food (chocolate, raisins, nuts, etc.)
  • Emergency bivouac for mountaineers (provided by fjellgruppa on our trips)
  • Shovel (can rent from fjellgruppa)
  • Thermos and lunch packet
  • Headlight/flashlight with extra batteries
  • Knife
  • Matches/lighter (provided by fjellgruppa on our trips)
  • Sleeping mat
  • Sleeping bag
  • (Probe) (can rent from fjellgruppa)

In the cabins

  • Light indoor shoes/clothes
  • Toilet articles, small towel
  • DNT-membership card
  • Cash/credit card
  • Evt. sleeping liner 

PS! Wool or polypropylene is used for summer & winter. Cotton clothes is absolutly prohibited. Cotton does not have any thermal properties when wet. It can lead to hypothermia and frostbite easily. You could get by with cotton during the summer, but it is not a good type of material.

Ski boots should alway be 1 to 1,5 size bigger during winter. More room for thick socks and for the toes to move around. To tight boots leads easily to frostbite. Rule is loose fitting clothes traps air and warm air isolates.

Some gear can be rented for free from Tromsø Kommune TURBO

or from Tromsø  Outdoor

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